Monitoring Your Eye Pressure: The Importance Of Regular Exams

Posted on: 27 August 2015

One reason you need to have regular eye exams, even if you can see well, is so your eye doctor can screen for eye diseases. When you have an exam, your optometrist or ophthalmologist will check your eye pressure. If the findings are high, it may indicate a serious eye condition. Even if your vision is currently unimpaired, you need to to see an eye doctor regularly.  Tonometry Your medical professional will check your eye pressure by using a tonometer, a machine that measures eye pressure by blowing a little puff of air onto your eye's surface. [Read More]

How To Create A Good Listening Environment In Your Classroom

Posted on: 12 August 2015

If you teach at a large school that has a diverse group of children, chances are good that you are going to come across some children with hearing problems. These hearing problems could be minor or they could be major. However, all of these hearing problems can be helped by making sure that you create a classroom environment that is designed for listening. Classroom acoustics can make it difficult for children with hearing disabilities to hear you, follow along, and pay attention in class. [Read More]

4 Signs That Indicate You Are Badly Sunburnt

Posted on: 30 July 2015

Sunburns are quite common during the summer months, but there are times when a sunburn can become a very serious situation. It is important to know how to determine if a sunburn is simply something that can be treated at home with a little aloe vera or if it is something that requires serious medical attention. The following guide walks you through a few signs that your sunburn may be more serious than you think. [Read More]

Three Benefits to Working with a Personal Trainer

Posted on: 17 July 2015

Hiring a personal trainer to help you meet your fitness goals can often be just as important as the exercises you perform. Whether you're trying to gain some muscle or you're mainly interested in losing weight, a personal trainer can help you achieve results and give a little encouragement along the way—as well as provide myriad other benefits. When you're searching for a personal trainer, always ensure he or she is fully certified and experienced. [Read More]