Tips For Caring For More Than One Newborn At The Same Time

Posted on: 6 January 2017

If you have given birth to twins or some other multiple, there is a good chance that you are feeling overwhelmed at the idea of caring for multiple newborns at the same time. This can be frustrating because you are likely still recovering from birth. Here are some tips for making sure that you get through the stressful time of having multiple newborns with as little difficulty as possible.

1. Plan for Simultaneous Nursing

You don't have to worry about your body running out of milk because more usage of milk increases the amount of milk that your body produces. Your body will absolutely respond to the increased demand. You can also nurse two babies simultaneously, which will allow you to get two things done at once and free up some time later for other activities or tasks. There are nursing pillows that are specifically designed for two babies so that the mom can have her arms relatively free and read a book or use her phone without disturbing her babies. Nursing your babies at the same time will also increase the chances that they take their naps at the same time. This will allow you to have some time when the babies are asleep and you can do some activities that would require you to not have to pay attention to your newborns.

2. Increase Your Maternity Leave

Try to finagle as much maternity leave as possible. You are going to be exhausted caring for two or more newborns and it is going to be difficult for you to go back to work. If you are indispensable at your job, however, it might be difficult for you to get as much maternity leave as you need. Try to negotiate with your employer for more part time hours or to allow you to work from home in order to make sure that you can get as much rest as possible or adapt your working hours to the hours when your newborns are sleeping.

3. Get Your Partner to Take Leave as Well

Get as much support as you can by encouraging your partner to take leave as well. This could be in the form of more part time work, paid parental leave, and temporarily working from home more hours per week.

For more information, talk to a medical professional in your area who specializes in newborn care. You're going to need support when you have twins.