• 4 Benefits Of Remote Patient Monitoring

    Remote patient monitoring involves gathering a patient's information and transmitting it to the healthcare provider without the patient having to visit a clinic. Patients use these monitoring systems to transmit their health records to their doctors. For example, through remote patient monitoring, patients can send their weight, blood pressure, heart rate, and glucose levels from their homes to their physicians. It allows the doctor to monitor the patient's vitals without face-to-face evaluations. [Read More]

  • 5 Common Myths About IV Therapy

    Intravenous therapy is a medical treatment that delivers fluids and nutrients into your veins. Your body can absorb nutrients very quickly through IV therapy. The therapy can treat a wide range of conditions, from nausea to dehydration, and help you feel better. However, there are still a lot of different misunderstandings about it. Here are a few common myths about IV therapy that you should know about. Only Sick People Can Benefit from IV Therapy [Read More]

  • Should You Pursue Allergy Testing? Signs That You Should

    Allergy testing has become increasingly common in recent decades with advancements made that enhance the accessibility and accuracy of these tests. However, you may still find yourself wondering whether or not you should ask for an allergy test. Here's a look at some of the things you should understand about allergy testing and why you should consider it. You May Be Unaware Of Certain Allergies One of the most common outcomes of allergy testing is that patients discover allergies they never knew that they had. [Read More]

  • Bariatric Surgical Procedures For Weight Loss

    Diet and exercise cannot effectively provide every person with a trim physique and healthy body. Heredity and past lifestyle habits could have a bearing on how much weight a person gains over the course of their lifetime. An obese person may be a candidate for a bariatric surgical procedure.  The Purpose Of A Bariatric Surgery Bariatric surgery is designed to alter a person's digestive system. A gastric sleeve or a bypass can aid in reducing the size of the stomach, the pancreas, and/or the small intestine. [Read More]

  • Is A Lumpectomy The Right Procedure For Your Breast Cancer?

    If you have an early stage of breast cancer, such as stage I, stage II, or ductal carcinoma in situ, you may be exploring your different treatment options. WebMD says that Lumpectomies—along with radiation therapy—are increasing common surgeries for early breast cancer patients since they are less invasive and have a high survival rate. Read on to learn more about this procedure and what it entails to see if it would be a good treatment path for you. [Read More]

  • Chiropractic Services That Might Help Your Chronic Pain

    A chiropractor helps with back and neck pain, but they can help with pain in other parts of your body too. Sometimes, pain from pressure on a nerve in your spine might be felt in your hands or legs. Chiropractic services can be used on a number of conditions to help your body heal naturally. Here's a look at some treatments a chiropractor might provide when you visit them for chronic pain treatment. [Read More]

  • What You Need To Know About Soft Tissue Injuries

    Soft tissue injuries can be very painful. They often present with bruising and inflammation. These injuries impact the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Anyone can suffer from this type of injury, but they are especially prevalent in those who take part in sports or lead very active lifestyles. Those who perform jobs that require a lot of joint use are also prone to getting soft tissue injuries. While you might think a soft tissue injury will heal on its own, not seeking treatment quickly can lead to major damage or increased pain. [Read More]

  • Convenient Care: In-Home Treatment For Your Injections

    Receiving injections on a regular basis is an excellent way for many patients to keep track of their health and receive the care they need. From receiving chemotherapy treatments to having weekly blood draws, there are many types of treatments that patients will need. Now more than ever, having care that comes to you can make a huge difference. From mobile units to nurses that visit you in-home, injection services are easier than ever Here is a quick look into why in-home care is the best option for those looking for a convenient and safe way to receive injections. [Read More]

  • Routine Covid-19 Testing for Your Employees

    Implementing routine Covid-19 testing at your place of business will reduce infections and promote a workplace that is nonthreatening to your employees. With the option to choose from a series of tests and testing methods, you will be able to acquire rapid results and keep track of each employee's current health status. Testing Options PCR tests, antigen tests, and molecular tests that provide rapid results will limit the amount of time that testing takes. [Read More]

  • What Problems Can Varicoceles In Your Scrotum Cause And When Should You See A Urologist About Them?

    Varicoceles occur when blood pools in the veins in your scrotum, and it's a fairly common problem among young men. Veins normally have valves that prevent blood from flowing backward through them while it's on the way back to your heart, but these valves malfunction when you have varicoceles — the blood flows backward and collects, causing the veins to bulge. Large varicoceles are often easily visible. The bulging veins in the scrotum have a swollen, worm-like appearance. [Read More]