Chiropractic Services That Might Help Your Chronic Pain

Posted on: 30 June 2022

A chiropractor helps with back and neck pain, but they can help with pain in other parts of your body too. Sometimes, pain from pressure on a nerve in your spine might be felt in your hands or legs. Chiropractic services can be used on a number of conditions to help your body heal naturally. Here's a look at some treatments a chiropractor might provide when you visit them for chronic pain treatment.

Spinal Adjustment

A spinal adjustment works to align your spine so it has a more normal shape and doesn't put pressure on discs or nerves. A chiropractor might do a spinal adjustment with you on your stomach or side. They might use quick thrusts or more gentle movements. They can use a device or their hands. You might even be positioned on a table that moves to adjust your spine.

Before a chiropractor performs a treatment, they need to understand the cause of your pain. They may do a thorough examination that includes assessing your posture and movement. You might also need to have images taken of your spine. Once the chiropractor understands your condition, they'll develop a care plan and let you know what to expect with the type and number of treatments you'll need.

Therapeutic Massage

Massage therapy is one of the chiropractic services you may need that provides multiple benefits. Massage can relax tight muscles and help muscle spasms. Massage can also improve circulation to your back so more nutrients and oxygen flow to your injury to help it heal. In addition, massage can be used to break up trigger points in your muscles that cause pain.

Lifestyle Changes

A chiropractor treats your condition holistically. Rather than just focus on relieving pain, the doctor wants you to understand your body and take steps to keep it in good health so it can heal naturally. They might advise you on dietary changes you can make, exercises you should do, bad habits you should give up, and supplements you might want to take.

Medical Treatments

Your chiropractor might offer a few chiropractic services that offer pain relief while you're waiting on your body to heal from an injury. One such treatment is ultrasound therapy, which sends heat under your skin to the injured nerve or muscle so the heat can promote pain relief, improved blood flow, and healing.

Electrical stimulation therapy is another option you might be offered to help with pain. You might receive a treatment at the chiropractic clinic or wear a device at home that uses electrical currents to block pain.