Routine Covid-19 Testing for Your Employees

Posted on: 28 March 2022

Implementing routine Covid-19 testing at your place of business will reduce infections and promote a workplace that is nonthreatening to your employees. With the option to choose from a series of tests and testing methods, you will be able to acquire rapid results and keep track of each employee's current health status.

Testing Options

PCR tests, antigen tests, and molecular tests that provide rapid results will limit the amount of time that testing takes. You have the option of purchasing a series of tests in bulk. Many test products come with a positive/negative window. This type of test will provide clear results that can be accessed without handling the testing equipment. As tests are performed, they can be set up in a sterile area where they can be viewed quickly.

A labeling system that involves affixing an adhesive to each test will allow you to keep track of whose test you are viewing. Although you will not need to administer a series of tests yourself, it is a good idea to have someone onsite who can aid your employees with taking the tests the proper way. To make the process easy to conduct, choose from a series of swab or nasal tests that will provide results within minutes.

Offsite Strategies and Guidance

If you have employees who take time off of work, due to feeling under the weather, you can advise them to take a Covid-19 test. The test results should be negative, prior to allowing them to return to work. Come up with a strategy that will allow your staff members to access test equipment that can be used off the premises.

Either furnish each of your employees with a series of tests that they can use as needed, or request that a family member or friend of an employee picks up testing equipment from your business (whenever taking a test is warranted). If you use either of these approaches, you will limit the number of germs that enter the premises. Since anyone who is feeling ill will not be at your business, you can assume that the workers who are present will remain healthy.

Offer some guidance, concerning when an ill employee will be allowed to come back to work. Request that a sick worker stays home for a set amount of days and provides you with an uploaded photo of a negative Covid-19 test, prior to being allowed back at work.