Three Indicators That You Could Have Tinnitus

Posted on: 4 August 2023

Tinnitus is a concerning hearing-related condition that affects your ears and may have a negative impact on your quality of life. There are many different reasons that people develop this condition. It often results from long-term exposure to loud sounds. Those who work in the music industry can be at risk of getting tinnitus, but it's also possible to get this condition as a result of other jobs in loud environments. It's important to be aware of what symptoms can indicate that you may have tinnitus, as this can lead you to visit a local ear, nose, and throat doctor for help. Here are three things that you may notice when you have this condition. 


The most noticeable sign of tinnitus is what people describe as a ringing in their ears. The exact sound that you hear can vary. Sometimes it will have a ringing sound, other times it may sound like humming or buzzing, and other times it may have more of a clicking tone. Some people who have tinnitus are aware of these sounds at all times, while those who have more mild cases may only be aware of these sounds on occasion. When you have severe tinnitus, you'll never truly "hear" quiet, even if you're in a truly quiet environment—there will always be noises that you hear.


It's also fairly common to experience a pulsing sensation in your ears when you suffer from tinnitus. The exact feeling can vary between people, but if you've ever exerted yourself during an activity such as running and felt aware of pulsing in your head afterward, the pulsing that you experience with tinnitus can be somewhat similar. Some people can find that this pulsing sensation is distracting and highly unpleasant, and while you might eventually become accustomed to it, it's good to visit an ENT clinic for help.

Emotional Changes

Severe cases of tinnitus can often result in some changes to your emotional health. Many people who suffer from this condition become depressed or anxious, as the constant sounds they hear can truly be aggravating. You might find that you're not as happy as you once were, or that you always feel agitated and tired because of the sounds in your ears.

If you're aware of some signs that you likely have tinnitus, visit a local ENT clinic to discuss what treatment options may help you to manage this condition.