Reasons Experts Recommend Root Canal Treatment

Posted on: 15 December 2021

If you have a tooth problem causing you discomfort and pain, you should consider visiting a dentist. Dentists usually offer two procedures for tooth decay, sensitivity, and toothaches. They include tooth extraction and root canal. These procedures effectively treat various oral complications and ease the patent's toothache. However, many patients prefer a root canal procedure since it is painless and involves less evasive techniques. It involves removing the teeth's sensory nerves, preventing the patient from feeling pain. Moreover, technology has revolutionized dentistry, making such procedures fast and painless. Patients undergoing endodontic treatment can maintain their natural smiles and eat without feeling any pain. Here are some reasons why your dentist will recommend this type of treatment for your dental problems. 

It Offers a Long-Term Remedy that Does not Involve Losing Your Teeth

The most significant benefit of getting a root canal is preventing tooth loss. If you extract every tooth that has tooth decay or any other dental disease, you will lose a lot of teeth. Even if you practice good oral hygiene, you may still suffer from dental issues like sensitivity and broken teeth. While an extraction removes the problematic tooth, the gap left may cause other dental problems. Post-surgical complications, such as inflammation, pain, bleeding, infection, and bruising, may hinder your eating habits and cause discomfort. You may have to go through additional dental work to fix these issues.      

It Protects Other Teeth from Infections

Tooth decay is usually caused by pulp infection, which accumulates bacteria in the mouth area. If your dentist does not remove this infected region, it could infect neighboring teeth, causing them to decay. The root canal process involves the removal of the infected pulp, thus preventing further infection. Extracting the bad tooth will only delay the infection, forcing the dentist to treat the remaining teeth. The best way to stop the infection and protect the remaining teeth is by going through appropriate endodontic treatment.

It Mitigates Issues that May Undermine Your Teeth's Aesthetic Appeal

Most adults are proud of having a good dental formula with the perfect white teeth because of their visual appeal. However, maintaining your teeth' aesthetics can be difficult, especially if you have missing teeth. When performing a root canal, your dentist removes the infected pulp, cleans the infected area, fills the cavity with a polymer material, and fits a crown on the tooth. This procedure restores the strength of the tooth and makes it visually appealing. They also clean the remaining teeth, especially if they are discolored. Thus, you maintain your dental formula without using dentures or other prosthetic devices.

If you are having tooth pain or other oral issues, you should talk to your dentist today about a root canal procedure.