Signs That You May Have Seasonal Allergies

Posted on: 5 January 2019

Many people suffer from seasonal allergies. They experience unpleasant immunological responses when exposed to pollen from trees and flowers. 

Seasonal allergies frequently worsen during the spring months. Still, a person with pollen-related allergies may go untreated if they do not realize the reason for their symptoms. 

Here are a few signs that you should be tested for seasonal allergies.

Ongoing Fatigue

Many people who suffer from allergies in the spring suffer from chronic fatigue. Other symptoms, such as a runny nose and sinus pain, can make it difficult to rest effectively. Additionally, some people with seasonal allergies develop sleep apnea, which can wake them repeatedly during the night. With constant interruptions to their sleep, they may eventually become sleep-deprived. 

Asthma Attacks

Your body's immunological response to pollen can incite asthma. Although asthma is sometimes independent of allergies, people with allergic asthma can suffer an attack when they inhale allergens, such as pollen.

Respiratory Infections

A runny nose and inflamed sinus passages can lead to an upper respiratory infection. Many people may mistake an allergy-related respiratory infection for a cold. However, the two are quite different. A cold is usually caused by a virus. However, a respiratory infection from allergies is caused by inflammation from exposure to allergens.

Sinus Infections

As the tissues of the sinuses swell, they can trap mucus and bacteria in the spaces, leading to a sinus infection. If you only seem to suffer from sinus infections when pollen counts are high, the infections may be an indication of seasonal allergies.

Lack of Endurance While Exercising

Proper aerobic fitness can help you sustain the energy needed for a strenuous workout. However, allergies can make it difficult to breathe, reducing the amount of oxygen that is available to the muscles during strenuous activities. As a result, if you have seasonal allergies, you may find that your endurance wanes easily.

A Decline in Cognitive Functions

People with untreated seasonal allergies may also find it difficult to concentrate and remain productive throughout the day. Additionally, they may suffer from memory problems. If you notice a significant decrease in your cognitive abilities during the spring, the decline could be due to allergies.

Mood Swings

As your sleep quality suffers from allergies, you may notice that you are irritable or moody. You may even feel anxious or depressed. These symptoms may dissipate with proper treatment for your seasonal allergies.

If you suspect that you have seasonal allergies, schedule a consultation with an allergy specialist, such as at Dino Peds .