4 Ways You Can Help Kenyans Live a Better Life

Posted on: 19 January 2018

Kenya, Africa, is one of the poorest nations in the world. Kenyans die by the thousands every day from malaria, HIV/AIDS, and malnutrition/starvation. Sanitation is almost non-existent, and potable water is virtually impossible without foreign help. If you would like to give to Kenyan primary care centers, charity donations are taken in the following four forms. Doing so not only helps Kenyans live, but it helps them live a better life.

Medical Supplies and Medicines

Medical supplies and medicines are in very short supply in Kenya. This fact contributes to the immense numbers of dead every day. Even things like first aid kits and bandages, things that you take for granted because you can buy them at any pharmacy, would be a boon to these people. If you can send anything medical-related, the primary care centers of Kenya would have more success treating major illnesses and everyday things like a cut on a hand or a head wound.


Clean drinking water is a major problem in Africa. Africans typically bath, drink, cook with, and do their toileting business in the nearest rivers. When you think about that, it makes the rivers far too polluted to do any of the above. They contend with waterborne illnesses, and with all of the animals that also use the river for personal hygiene. Water is essential for survival, which is why water is the second most highly requested Kenyan non profit primary care charity donation.


Food is scarce. Many rural Africans are farmers, but because they cannot afford the right equipment, they barely produce enough food to feed their families for more than a few months. Other African farmers cannot eat what they produce because they grow food for the richer classes. Imagine being poor and starving, and unable to eat what you grow because you are growing food to sell. The bags of rice and canned goods sent to Kenya can help sustain them and provide some nutrition.


Money donations can be sent directly to the African hospitals and clinics. Then these hospitals and clinics can buy equipment and supplies, and provide more and better care to the Kenyan people. You can also send money to African missions, where the money is used to buy food and personal care items. Finally, you can give the money to doctors and nurses who come to Kenya to provide free healthcare to those who need it.