3 Tips for Getting Birth Control

Posted on: 30 November 2017

When you need to take control of your sexual reproductive life, birth control is an important consideration. Today, much research has been done into the female reproductive system -- to the point that there are birth control options that are suitable for everyone. If you need to find a type of birth control that will be suitable for you, take advantage of the tips below so that you are able to link up with a team of medical pros that can also assist you. 

#1: Get a physical and understand what birth control entails

It's important that you get a thorough doctor's physical in order to make the most of your reproductive health and find a doctor that can prescribe birth control for you. First and foremost, know that birth control is not intended to prevent diseases, so you will still need to wear condoms with a partner you are not yet comfortable with. It's important for you to know that birth control is both a mental and physical commitment. You'll need to take or wear your birth control on a regular basis, and you should track your period in the process. There are also a number of hormonal side effects that you should keep tabs on and notify your doctor about if they become extreme. 

#2: Figure out the type of birth control that you want to try

When you are considering getting birth control, know that there are many that you can choose between. Some common forms of birth control include the pill, implants, the shot, birth control patch, and various creams and foams. These options differ in terms of risk, application, and affordability. There are plenty of doctors that you can turn to in order to prescribe the right birth control for you, so make sure to explore. 

#3: Touch base with your medical insurance provider and figure your costs

It's crucial that you find a medical insurance provider that can help you pay for your birth control. The amount of out-of-pocket costs you endure depends heavily on this, along with the type of birth control that you choose. The pill, for instance, will cost you somewhere in the range of $160 and $600. The more that you shop around for the right brand, including generic prescriptions, the easier it'll be for you to save money. 

Put these tips to use in order to get the prescription birth control that you need.