Tips For Storing Medical Marijuana

Posted on: 10 March 2016

With medical marijuana becoming legal in more states, new users have to learn the basics of the drug, such as properly storing it. If marijuana is not stored properly, it can lose some of its potency and be less effective in treating symptoms. If you are a newbie to marijuana, here are some tips for storing it. 

Use an Airtight Storage Container

Medical marijuana needs to be stored in an airtight storage container that does not allow in air, light, or heat. All three elements can cause the buds to break off, which makes it less potent. 

An ideal container is a mason jar or a dark-colored cheese jar. Both jars work to keep the air out. As an added measure, keep the marijuana in the refrigerator. Do not place it in the freezer. 

If you place the container in the freezer, the buds can start to form icicles. The buds can then become brittle and fall off. 

Never store the container in a cabinet above an appliance or near a heat source. Heat rise and can quickly cause the marijuana in the container to dry out. If you cannot store the marijuana in the refrigerator, any dark and cool area in your home will be satisfactory.

Skip the Plastic Bags

Despite what you see on television, putting your marijuana in plastic bags is not ideal. The plastic can create static electricity, which attracts resin glands. Resin glands are extremely sticky and can cause the buds to fall off.

The use of bags can also result in a harsher burn. Other odors can easily penetrate the baggies also, which can result in the buds losing their scent. If you temporarily have to store the marijuana in a plastic bag, only use it for a limited amount of time. Store as little as possible in each bag. After removing the marijuana from the bag, try to keep your contact with it to a minimal to avoid breakage. 

Use a Humidor

Some marijuana users opt to store their buds in a humidor. If the marijuana is exposed to too much humidity, it can start to mold. However, the use of a humidor can help to keep the marijuana at a controllable level and also help to extend the life of the product. 

If you have any further concerns about storage and usage of medical marijuana, talk to a professional, like Best 420 Health and Wellness, or to the dispensary from which you obtain it.