Three Clues That You Should Notice If You Are Concerned About Hearing Loss

Posted on: 22 February 2016

One of the problems with being able to notice that you have hearing loss is that the loss if often gradual. Instead of waking up with a drastically decreased ability to hear clearly, you can often experience subtle changes over time to the point that you're not even aware of how much your hearing has suffered. It's important to be able to pick up on clues that your hearing isn't what it used to be. Upon noticing these signs, you can visit a hearing specialist to get evaluated and see if hearing aids are right for you. Here are three clues that can indicate you're living with hearing loss.

You're Finding Ways To Avoid Crowds

One manner in which hearing loss can manifest itself is by discouraging you from spending time in crowds. This dynamic can be difficult for people with hearing loss – background noise can often seem louder and drown out the voices of those who are directly around you. As a result, you might find that you're looking for excuses not to spend time in large crowds. This can be telling your friends that you're feeling sick when they invite you to a coffee shop or saying that you're too busy to take part in a family gathering. Don't let your hearing loss impact your ability to enjoy relationships with those around you; schedule your hearing evaluation as soon as you can.

You Have Listening-Related Stress

If you find that you're getting increasingly stressed when you need to listen to others, either on the phone or in person, it could be a sign that your hearing is suffering. Dealing with hearing loss can be stressful; you often have to pay careful attention to people when they talk, which can be tiring, and you'll also be dealing with the anxiety of being put on the spot to answer when you haven't fully been able to follow the discussion. Getting hearing aids after seeing a specialist and having your hearing tested can make this stress a thing of the past and allow you to enjoy your relationships more.

You Think That People Aren't Speaking Clearly

When you struggle to follow a conversation, it's easy to assign the blame to the other party by suggesting that he or she isn't speaking loudly enough or is muttering. The reality, however, can often be that it's your hearing loss that is causing the issue. While some people you know might certainly speak unclearly, be aware if you're experiencing this issue with multiple people. It can often mean that it's time to schedule a hearing evaluation to see if you need hearing aids.