Are You New To Running With Foot And Shin Pain ? Don't Stress And Get Treatment Fast

Posted on: 1 December 2015

If you have been getting out and running a lot and you are starting to feel an aching pain in your feet or shins after you start running, you could be developing stress fractures. This is common when you start exercising suddenly and if you don't take the time to stretch properly, and you want to seek treatment right away. 

The treatment for your pain will be based on the severity of the problem, and you should consult a podiatrist or sports medicine professional. You should expect the following throughout the diagnosis and treatment process.

Physical Examination and Imaging Tests

You will need to go through a physical examination by a podiatrist or foot specialist so they can feel the feet and shins. You should also have imaging tests done so the medical specialist can look for stress fractures. Some aren't large enough to show up on x-rays, and they may want to order an ultrasound or MRI instead.

Healing and Strength Training

During the initial healing process you may be forbidden from walking on the injured areas, and a cast or boot may be needed. Ice, ultrasonic treatment, massage therapy, and aquatic therapy or great ways to help heal the area as well. The sports rehabilitation experts will then start you on a low impact strength training routine to start building strength in the leg, while stretching and preventing further straining.


Prevention of further injury is important, and the podiatrist can help you with finding the best shoes to prevent stress fractures, and showing you what stretches and exercises are the most important for prevention. If you have a bone density problem the doctor may want you to take bone strengthening supplements like calcium and vitamin D to help keep the bones strong while you run and do other things.

A lot of stress fractures are caused by poor stretching and conditioning too hard instead of increasing your workouts gradually, but your bone structure and density could also be the culprit. Talk with the experts and find a sports medicine specialist that deals with feet right away when you start to notice the pain, or when the pain becomes so unbearable you can't walk after your workouts. The sooner you get treatment for the feet and shins the sooner you can get back out to running and doing what you enjoy, instead of spending every post workout period resting and nursing your injuries.