4 Signs That Indicate You Are Badly Sunburnt

Posted on: 30 July 2015

Sunburns are quite common during the summer months, but there are times when a sunburn can become a very serious situation. It is important to know how to determine if a sunburn is simply something that can be treated at home with a little aloe vera or if it is something that requires serious medical attention. The following guide walks you through a few signs that your sunburn may be more serious than you think.

1. Unbearable Tenderness

When you get sunburnt, your skin will feel tender. When you get badly sunburnt, the pain will radiate from your skin down into your skin and can sometimes even make your muscles feel painful. If you notice that the tenderness from the burn is extremely painful, you may have a serious sunburn.

2. Blistering

Blisters appear when your skin dries out and becomes burnt. Do not remove the skin from the top of the blisters. This will create an open wound that will be exposed to the elements and possibly become infected. Allow small blisters to heal on their own. If you notice that you have blisters that are larger than a quarter on your skin, seeking medical attention is a good idea.

3. Bleeding

If your skin is bleeding, you need to go to see your doctor right away. Skin that bleeds due to being badly sunburnt is very dehydrated and painful. The doctor will be able to put specialized lotions and creams on your skin to help it start to heal right away.

4. Splotchy Skin

When you are badly sunburnt, your skin will often have a splotchy appearance to it. When the rays from the sun hit your skin, they do not always hit evenly, especially if you are moving around outside. Some areas of your skin may appear lighter than other areas when you are badly sunburnt. If you notice that the splotches are quite intense and noticeable, you may have a bad sunburn.

If you think you may have gotten badly sunburned, you need to go to a doctor right away. Have him or her refer you to a dermatologist who can do a thorough examination of your skin. He or she will be able to let you know what steps you need to take to ensure that your skin does not scar and that you do not have any long-term effects from the sunburns. Proper care for badly sunburnt skin is important if you want to reduce your risk of infection and scarring. If you're looking for a dermatologist in your area, visit Desert Dermatology.