How To Make Immunizations Easier On Your Child

Posted on: 19 January 2015

When your child is very young the hardest part of taking them to get their immunizations is hearing them cry after they receive the shot. However, as they get older they will start to experience stress when they know they are going to be getting shots. This can make for a very difficult trip to the doctor. If your child has an immunizations appointment coming up, here are some things you can do to help make the trip less worrisome for them:

Schedule your shots together

If you can go to the same clinic for your shots, you can schedule to get your shots at the same time as your child. If you need your annual flu vaccination, this is a great time to get it. Make sure you get your shot before your child and put on your bravest face. You may want to talk to them through your shot so they really see there is nothing to worry about. After all, if you were able to hold a conversation, how bad can it be?

Tell your child the truth

Whenever your child asks about how the shot is going to feel, you want to be honest with them. Tell them it doesn't hurt badly, but it does feel like someone pinched them. Let them know that they more than likely aren't even going to be able to feel the needle; the pinching feeling comes from the liquid going under their skin. Once most children realize they don't feel the needle they feel much more at ease about getting a shot.

Make a fun after-immunization tradition with your child

When your child is toddler aged, you should start an anti-immunization tradition with them. Every time they go to get their shots you should do something special with them afterward. This will help them look at the bright side of getting shots in the future. You can take them out for ice cream, take them to play video games or go to the park.  

Teach your child coping skills

Let your child know they will feel better when they get their shot if they take a deep breath before the shot and blow out slowly during the shot. Also, tell them to find something in the room to focus on and stare on it during the shot. Let your child know they can squeeze your hand while they get the shot and stand next to them with your hand in theirs.

The advice offered above will help you and your child get through their immunizations much easier and without a lot of worry.