Kid-Friendly Alternative Sweeteners To Minimize Tooth Decay

Posted on: 8 January 2015

If your child enjoys eating candy and other sweet treats like most children do, then you may be seeking ways to minimize the amount of sweets your child consumes. Dentists recommend that sugary treats be limited in order to prevent tooth decay. If you haven't had much success finding treats sweetened with choices other than sugar and other tooth-decay-promoting sweeteners, then here are some sweeteners that you might want to study further:


You would be surprised at how delicious desserts and snacks sweetened with nothing but fruit can be . In fact, by using a high powered blender or food processor, you can create a delicious, one-ingredient dessert made with simply bananas. By waiting until the bananas start to brown a bit and then slicing them up and freezing them overnight, you can put them in the blender and make a yummy frozen treat. You can also blend together a mixture of fruits and then freeze them into delectable fruit pops.


This sugar alcohol is a common sweetener in gum, but it can also be great for sweetening treats, as well. You can purchase xylitol from large markets and health food stores. You can even purchase it in bulk online. Not only does xylitol taste similar to sugar, but it actually inhibits tooth decay, making it an excellent all-natural sugar substitute. However, you want to be sure that your child doesn't consume too many xylitol-sweetened treats, because large quantities can cause diarrhea.

Yacon syrup

This molasses-like syrup is derived from a potato-like plant from South America. It is a low glycemic sweetener that is great for baking and cooking, and it doesn't promote tooth decay. It may be difficult to find yacon syrup at regular grocery stores, but you can purchase it online as well as at local health food stores.


If you search the web, you will find many different products sweetened with stevia, a no calorie, all natural sweetener that has become quite popular. Many people feel that you must acquire a taste for stevia, since it can sometimes taste quite bitter. When using stevia in baking, you need to ensure that you refrain from using too much, which can reduce its bitter taste. Stevia can be found at just about any grocery store in liquid and powder form.

There is nothing wrong with an occasional sweet treat, especially on holidays and other special occasions. However, if your child is eating too many sugary sweets and the pediatric dentist has recommended that you limit sweet treats due to too many cavities, then these natural alternative sweeteners can help. Not only will your child not be able to tell the difference between traditional goodies and treats prepared with these alternative sweeteners, but his or her teeth will remain in good condition.