Things That You'll Experience After Spinal Fusion Surgery

Posted on: 20 June 2019

If you're struggling to enjoy a desired quality of life because of back pain, you may wish to get a referral from your family doctor to speak to a surgeon. Although every instance of back pain doesn't automatically mean that surgery is a viable option, there are definitely back issues for which surgery is a good idea. One type of surgery that your medical professional may discuss with you is spinal fusion — a procedure in which two vertebrae are fused together. If you're interested in spinal fusion surgery and your medical professional deems you to be a good candidate, here are some things that you'll experience after this surgical procedure.

A Reduction In Discomfort

The biggest reason that patients opt for spinal fusion surgery is to reduce their back pain. While it will take a while to recover from this procedure, you'll quickly realize that the back pain that has been a constant part of your life no longer bothers you to the same degree. Spinal fusion surgery can eliminate back pain in a variety of ways. For example, if one vertebra has a tendency to herniate, you'll often experience pain in this area. If the surgeon can successfully fuse this vertebra to the one above or below it, it will no longer herniate and cause you pain.

A Boost To Your Mental Health

A big benefit that you'll notice after spinal fusion surgery is that you're less stressed about your back. When you're susceptible to back pain, you can constantly find yourself in a state of worry. For example, before you engage in any activity, whether it's playing with your children or raking some leaves in your yard, you might worry about whether the activity will cause you pain. When you have daily worries for months or even years, you can find yourself considerably stressed. After your procedure, you'll feel more confident that the movements you make won't hurt your back, and this can boost your mental health.

A Bit Of Reduced Mobility

Different patients react to spinal fusion surgery differently, but some people find that this procedure leads to some degree of reduced mobility. Because two vertebrae are moving as one, rather than on their own, your back won't have quite as much flexibility as it used to have. However, when you're nursing a sore back, your mobility has probably been low for a long time, simply because you're reluctant to move in different ways. Even though fusion technically can reduce your mobility, you may find that you're moving more than you did before after getting this surgery.