Components Of Drug Addiction Treatment

Posted on: 5 January 2019

Drug addiction is a difficult thing to address and deal with. It is not something that you can enter and be done with in a week or less. There are several components that contribute a special aspect to the treatment process. If you are willing and ready to head into treatment for your own issues with one or more drugs, you should know that the treatment process involves one or more of the following.

​Drug Substitution

​Sometimes to help patients get through the initial stages of withdrawal in a treatment facility, a substitute drug is used. Psychiatrists and medical doctors will prescribe this medication to ease the physical symptoms associated with detoxing. For example, methadone is prescribed for heroin patients. For most drugs that people develop an addiction to there is a substitute that can help with withdrawal and detox. If there is a substitute drug for your drug of choice, ask your doctor in the treatment center about receiving it as part of your treatment process.

​Individual Cognitive Behavior Therapy

​This component is individual talk therapy. You sit down with a therapist and talk about your troubles with the drug or drugs, and how you feel, as well as the possible causes for using the drug(s). It is meant to uncover the root mental and emotional causes for you using the drug(s) and the ultimate addiction. By talking through these things, you can figure out your triggers and ways to avoid said triggers.

​Group Therapy

​Group talk therapy is meant to help you find support during this very difficult time. Others in the group may be recovering from use of similar drugs, which will help you understand how hard it can be, and how far you have to go before you can get to a point where you can start to function just a little bit. It is also important to find support in a larger group of peers who are going through the same things as you so that you have people to lean on if you feel tempted to start using again. These may be some of the same faces you see in support groups when you leave the facility and re-enter the regular world. 

​Getting a Sponsor

​When it comes time to leave treatment, you will be assigned a sponsor. The sponsor is someone who has been in your shoes, and has remained clean and sober for years. He or she can help you remain clean and sober outside by providing you the extra support you need outside of group support.

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