Tips To Keep Hearing Aids From Causing Itching Sensations

Posted on: 3 March 2018

If you have recently been fitted with hearing aids, then you may find the aids less than pleasant to deal with at first. This is completely normal and you will get used to them over time. However, while a little discomfort is normal, you may be plagued by an incessant itching sensation. In this situation, there may be a larger issue that you need to address. Keep reading to learn about a few things you can do.

Make Sure Vents Are Open

If you have a serious hearing problem and require aids that amplify sound a great deal, then your audiologist may close off the small vents that sit around the sides of the hearing aid. This helps to keep amplified sounds within the ear canal. If sound leaks out of the vents, then this can cause feedback issues. Unfortunately, closing the vents also allows sweat and general moisture to become trapped in the ear canal. This can cause the ear canal to itch and it can lead to infections as well since bacteria can become trapped with the moisture too.

To reduce the itching sensations, ask your audiologist to remove the stoppers from the vents. If this causes feedback, then the doctor can close off half the vents. Also, your hearing aid can be programmed to produce softer sounds that are unlikely to cause feedback issues. You can also try external hearing aids instead of the classic internal varieties.

Switch Cleaning Solutions

Sometimes the hearing aid itself does not cause the itching sensations. Something on the hearing aid may be causing the problem instead, and cleaners are usually the culprit. Specifically, a cleaner called chlorohexadin can cause an allergic reaction. The disinfectant is used in clinical settings to kill the microorganisms on the exterior of the hearing aid before it is placed in the ear. 

If your ears itch more after cleaning or a trip to the audiologist, then an allergy should be considered. Ask your hearing doctor to use a hypoallergenic cleaner when you visit the office and also use one at home. You can simply use a damp cloth to clean the wax from the outside of the hearing aid. If your aids are excessively dirty, then try using an alcohol swab to clean them. 

When you clean your hearing aids, give your ears a break for at least an hour or two. This can help to reduce irritation and itching along the ear canals as well. 

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