Why You Need A Comprehensive Eye Exam

Posted on: 27 June 2016

As someone who thinks their eyesight is fine, you likely look with some curiosity at optician offices when you pass them. Even if you aren't someone who has ever worn glasses, a comprehensive eye exam is something that helps you in ways you aren't aware of; here are some things an exam reveals about your health.

You Do Need Glasses Now

Like many people, you probably accept that as you've aged, your vision has suffered a bit. However, even though you have not worn glasses before, you very well could be a candidate for glasses today. In fact, many physical issues can be signs that you need glasses. For example, headaches after working on a computer for hours, neck pain and fatigue are just some of the things you might experience on a day to day basis without realizing that the right pair of glasses is all you need.

Even symptoms like nausea and dizziness are symptoms that happen just because of eye strain. It's worth a trip to the optician to find out. Even if you don't need glasses, an eye doctor is able to take steps to address some of the physical problems you have with your eyes. For instance, if you are one of those working all day on a computer, an optician will likely offer eye drops to stop your eyes from becoming painful and dry.

You Have Health Problems That Have Nothing to Do With Your Eyes

Another thing that may surprise you is that your eyes provide clues about the health of the rest of your body. There have been a number of times when an eye doctor has referred a patient to another physician because of things they notice as they examine the eyes. For instance, one person has his eye doctor to thank for noticing retinal damage that was consistent with dangerously high blood pressure, urging him to receive care before he suffered a stroke or heart attack. In addition to high blood pressure, eye exams reveal diabetes and other health conditions. Having your eyes checked is another way to ensure that the rest of your body is healthy too.

Now that you're more aware of what a comprehensive eye exam reveals and how beneficial a full exam is for you, make an appointment with a local eye doctor. Talk to the optician about how healthy your eyes are and whether you need to make any changes.